6 Simple Tips to Save Money

6 Simple Tips to Save Money

Chose the right vehicle

Sometimes we think it’s just the price of a car, but we forget to factor in gas, tire, maintenance, and a variety of other different expenses like insurance and stuff. So if you want one make sure to think twice about what you need. Otherwise, try public transport. You might end up saving a fair amount of money.

Plan every meal that you consume

Food is the third-largest expense in our lives, only behind transportation and housing. We have food as a pretty high cost in our life. The key to reducing food cost and save money is to plan every meal that you consume. Creating a meal plan can be super simple. It doesn’t take you very much time and not only is it going to save you a lot of money, but you also don’t have to worry about what to buy at the grocery store. You won’t be throwing random things into your cart, and that will save you time too. Can set this up with something like google sheets, excel or even there are many mobile apps that you can use.

Quit caffeine

This is going to hit somebody pretty hard because they love caffeine. Nobody wants to admit, but they are addicted, and if they don’t get their coffee fix on time, they get headaches. They get shaky and can’t focus on anything until caffeine hits their blood. You can make your coffee at home for 20 cents per cup, and it’s totally fine. But think about the times when you aren’t in your house, maybe you’re on a business trip, and you need your caffeine fix in the morning. So you end up going to Starbucks, and you pay five dollars for coffees every time that you’re not in your home. that can end up costing you a lot of money. So the point is we should not depend on coffee, tobacco, cigarettes, even alcohol in some cases.

6 Simple Tips to Save Money

Adopt minimalism

It’s always better being a minimalist by having fewer items and making sure that every item has some purpose in your life. And it saves so much money because you have fewer things to replace when they break too. As an example, if you have 25 different lamps in your apartment and you have to entirely change light bulbs all the time because they’re burning out all the time. That’s just going to be an extra cost for you. Make sure to take advantage of this point in your everyday life. It will not only save money but also will bring you to stress less life experience!

30-day Rule

The 30-day rule is especially for those large purchases which you need to think twice before you do. People make quick decisions to buy something that might be three-four thousand dollars, but one day they wake up start to regret. Whatever you purchased supposed to be fun for you but you end up just feeling guilty about it because you spent all of your life savings on it. But instead making sure that it fits into your budget in the long run by using something like the 30-day rule which is going to allow you to spend 30 days thinking about purchasing that item, planning it out, making sure that it fits your budget before you go and buy that item.

Cut up your credit cards

Stop using your credit cards! You will see people talking about the benefits of credit cards and getting credit card rewards, bonuses, and cashback offers there’s a reason why they’re doing this. There’s a reason why these credit card companies are giving all these fancy eye-catching offers. They’re not just doing it out of the goodness of their big bank hearts. They’re doing it because they’re making money off of people. And if you are struggling to save money, stop using credit cards. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have credit. It’s good to build a credit score but be careful and use them only when you need it.

6 Simple Tips to Save Money
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